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SuSE 11.3 - man page for glxcopycontext (suse section 3gl)


       glXCopyContext - copy state from one rendering context to another

       void glXCopyContext( Display *dpy,
			    GLXContext src,
			    GLXContext dst,
			    unsigned long mask )

       delim $$

       dpy   Specifies the connection to the X server.

       src   Specifies the source context.

       dst   Specifies the destination context.

       mask  Specifies which portions of src state are to be copied to dst.

       glXCopyContext  copies selected groups of state variables from src to dst.  mask indicates
       which groups of state variables are to be copied.  mask contains the  bitwise  OR  of  the
       same  symbolic  names that are passed to the GL command glPushAttrib.  The single symbolic
       constant GL_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS can be used to copy the maximum possible portion of	rendering

       The  copy  can  be done only if the renderers named by src and dst share an address space.
       Two rendering contexts share an address space if both are nondirect using the same server,
       or  if  both are direct and owned by a single process.  Note that in the nondirect case it
       is not necessary for the calling threads to share an address space, only for their related
       rendering contexts to share an address space.

       Not all values for GL state can be copied.  For example, pixel pack and unpack state, ren-
       der mode state, and select and feedback state are not  copied.	The  state  that  can  be
       copied is exactly the state that is manipulated by the GL command

       An  implicit glFlush is done by glXCopyContext if src is the current context for the call-
       ing thread.

       A process is a single execution environment, implemented in a single address  space,  con-
       sisting of one or more threads.

       A  thread  is one of a set of subprocesses that share a single address space, but maintain
       separate program counters, stack spaces, and other related global data.	A thread that  is
       the only member of its subprocess group is equivalent to a process.

       BadMatch  is  generated if rendering contexts src and dst do not share an address space or
       were not created with respect to the same screen.

       BadAccess is generated if dst is current to any thread (including the calling  thread)  at
       the time glXCopyContext is called.

       GLXBadCurrentWindow is generated if src is the current context and the current drawable is
       a window that is no longer valid.

       GLXBadContext is generated if either src or dst is not a valid GLX context.

       glPushAttrib, glXCreateContext, glXIsDirect


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