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       gluLoadSamplingMatrices - load NURBS sampling and culling matrices

       void gluLoadSamplingMatrices( GLUnurbs* nurb,
				     const GLfloat *model,
				     const GLfloat *perspective,
				     const GLint *view )

       nurb	    Specifies the NURBS object (created with gluNewNurbsRenderer).

       model	    Specifies a modelview matrix (as from a glGetFloatv call).

       perspective  Specifies a projection matrix (as from a glGetFloatv call).

       view	    Specifies a viewport (as from a glGetIntegerv call).

       gluLoadSamplingMatrices	uses  model,  perspective, and view to recompute the sampling and
       culling matrices stored in nurb.  The sampling matrix determines how finely a NURBS  curve
       or  surface  must  be  tessellated to satisfy the sampling tolerance (as determined by the
       GLU_SAMPLING_TOLERANCE property).  The culling matrix is used in deciding if a NURBS curve
       or surface should be culled before rendering (when the GLU_CULLING property is turned on).

       gluLoadSamplingMatrices	is  necessary only if the GLU_AUTO_LOAD_MATRIX property is turned
       off  (see   gluNurbsProperty).	 Although   it	 can   be   convenient	 to   leave   the
       GLU_AUTO_LOAD_MATRIX  property turned on, there can be a performance penalty for doing so.
       (A round trip to the GL server is needed to fetch the  current  values  of  the	modelview
       matrix, projection matrix, and viewport.)

       gluGetNurbsProperty(3G), gluNewNurbsRenderer(3G), gluNurbsProperty(3G)

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