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native::Delta(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation		 native::Delta(3)

       SVN::Delta - Subversion delta functions

	   require SVN::Core;
	   require SVN::Repos;
	   require SVN::Delta;

	   # driving an editor
	   my $editor = SVN::Delta::Editor->
	       new(SVN::Repos::get_commit_editor($repos, "file://$repospath",
						 '/', 'root', 'FOO', \&committed));

	   my $rootbaton = $editor->open_root(0);

	   my $fbaton = $editor->add_file ('filea', $rootbaton,
					   undef, -1);

	   my $ret = $editor->apply_textdelta ($fbaton, undef);
	   SVN::TxDelta::send_string("FILEA CONTENT", @$ret);

	   # implement an editor in perl
	   SVN::Repos::dir_delta($root1, $path, undef,
				 $root2, $path,
				 1, 1, 0, 1

       SVN::Delta wraps delta related function in subversion. The most important one is
       SVN::Delta::Editor, the interface for describing tree deltas. by default
       SVN::Delta::Editor relays method calls to its internal member "_editor", which could
       either be an editor in C (such as the one you get from get_commit_editor), or another
       SVN::Delta::Editor object.

   Driving Editors
       If you want to drive a native editor (such as commit_editor obtained by
       SVN::Repos::get_commit_editor), create a SVN::Delta::Editor object with the native
       editor/baton pair. The object will then be ready to use and its method calls will be
       relayed to the native editor.

   Implementing Editors
       If you want to implement an editor, subclass SVN::Delta::Editor and implement the editors
       callbacks. see the METHODS section below.

   CONSTRUCTOR - new (...)
       new ($editor, $editor_baton)
	   Link to the native editor

       You can also pass a hash array to new:

	   Turn on debug.

	   An arrayref of the editor/baton pair or another SVN::Delta::Editor object to link

       Please consult the svn_delta.h section in the Subversion API. Member functions of
       svn_delta_editor_t could be called as methods of SVN::Delta::Editor objects, with the
       edit_baton omitted. The pool is also optional.

       If you are subclassing, the methods take exactly the same arguments as the member
       functions (note that void ** are returned data though as throughout the perl bindings),
       with the edit_baton omitted.

       Functions returning editor/baton pair should really be typemapped to a SVN::Delta::Editor

       Chia-liang Kao <clkao@clkao.org>

       Copyright (c) 2003 CollabNet.  All rights reserved.

       This software is licensed as described in the file COPYING, which you should have received
       as part of this distribution.  The terms are also available at
       http://subversion.tigris.org/license-1.html.  If newer versions of this license are posted
       there, you may use a newer version instead, at your option.

       This software consists of voluntary contributions made by many individuals.  For exact
       contribution history, see the revision history and logs, available at

perl v5.12.1				    2005-10-25				 native::Delta(3)
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