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Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia(3)

       Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia - Fetch quotes from Yahoo Asia

	   use Finance::Quote;
	   $q = Finance::Quote->new;

	   %info = $q->fetch("asia","CREA.SI"); # Failover to other methods ok.
	   %info = $q->fetch("yahoo_asia","CREA.SI"); # Use this module only.

       This module fetches information from Yahoo Asia.  Symbols should be provided in the format
       "SYMBOL.EXCHANGE", where the exchange code is one of the following:

	       SI - Singapore
	       BO - Bombay
	       JK - Jakarta
	       HK - Hong Kong
	       NS - India
	       KS - Korea
	       KL - Kuala Lumpur
	       NZ - New Zealand
	       SS - Shanghai
	       SZ - Shenzhen
	       TW - Taiwan
	       TH - Thailand

       This module provides both the "asia" and "yahoo_asia" methods.  The "asia" method should
       be used if failover methods are desirable.  The "yahoo_asia" method should be used you
       desire to only fetch information from Yahoo Europe.

       Stocks are returned in the currency of the local exchange.  You can use Finance::Quote's
       set_currency() feature to change the currency in which information is returned.

       This module is loaded by default by Finance::Quote, but can be loaded explicitly by
       specifying the parameter "Yahoo::Asia" to Finance::Quote->new().

       Information obtained by this module may be covered by Yahoo's terms and conditions.  See
       http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/ for more details.

       This module returns all the standard labels (where available) provided by Yahoo.  See
       Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base for a list of these.  The currency label is also returned.

       The currency of each exchange has not been thoroughly confirmed.  If you find an exchange
       is returning in an incorrect exchange, please use the bug tool at
       http://sourceforge.net/projects/finance-quote to report it.

       Yahoo Asia, http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/


perl v5.12.1				    2009-10-05		   Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia(3)
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