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Finance::Quote::Tdwaterhouse(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentationFinance::Quote::Tdwaterhouse(3)

       Finance::Quote::Tdwaterhouse  - Obtain quotes from TD Waterhouse Canada

	   use Finance::Quote;

	   $q = Finance::Quote->new;

	   %quotes = $q->tdwaterhouse ("TD AmeriGrowth RSP");
	   $date = $quotes {"TD AmeriGrowth RSP", "date"};
	   $nav = $quotes {"TD AmeriGrowth RSP", "nav"};
	   print "TD AmeriGrowth RSP for $date: NAV = $nav\n";
	   $nav = $quotes {"TD AmeriGrowth RSP", "nav"};

       This module obtains information about managed funds from TD Waterhouse Canada. All TD
       Waterhouse funds are downloaded at once.

       The symbols for each mutual fund are the names of the fund with any unusal characters (not
       a letter, space or period) removed. For example; a fund called "TD Health Sciences ($US)"
       would have the symbol "TD Health Sciences US".

       Information available from TD Waterhouse may include the following labels:  exchange,
       name, nav, date, price, currency.

       TD Waterhouse website - http://www.tdwaterhouse.ca/

perl v5.12.1				    2009-10-05		  Finance::Quote::Tdwaterhouse(3)
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