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SuSE 11.3 - man page for polkit-policy-file-validate (suse section 1)

POLKIT-POLICY-FILE(1)					    polkit-policy-file-validate 				     POLKIT-POLICY-FILE(1)

polkit-policy-file-validate - Validate a PolicyKit policy file
polkit-policy-file-validate policy-files [--version] [--help]
polkit-policy-file-validate is used to verify that one or more PolicyKit .policy files are valid. Normally this tool is used in the software release process (typically during "make check") and during software installation (e.g. in the %post section of a RPM spec file). This program exit with exit code 0 if all the files validate. If not, the program exits with a non-zero exit code.
--version Show version and exit. --help Show usage information and exit.
Please send bug reports to either the distribution or the hal mailing list, see to subscribe.
PolicyKit(8), PolicyKit.conf(5), polkit-config-file-validate(1) PolicyKit August 2007 POLKIT-POLICY-FILE(1)

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