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SuSE 11.3 - man page for gobject-query (suse section 1)

GOBJECT-QUERY(1)						  [FIXME: manual]						  GOBJECT-QUERY(1)

gobject-query - display a tree of types
gobject-query froots [options...] gobject-query tree [options...]
gobject-query is a small utility that draws a tree of types.
gobject-query takes a mandatory argument that specifies whether it should iterate over the fundamental types or print a type tree. Options froots iterate over fundamental roots tree print type tree -r type specify the root type -n don't descend type tree -b string specify indent string -i string specify incremental indent string -s number specify line spacing -h, --help Print brief help and exit. -v, --version Print version and exit. [FIXME: source] 03/13/2009 GOBJECT-QUERY(1)

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