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build-classpath(1) [suse man page]

BUILD-CLASSPATH(1)						   User Commands						BUILD-CLASSPATH(1)

build-classpath - build a Java CLASSPATH with the named JARs SYNOPSIS
build-classpath JAR1 [JAR2... JARn] DESCRIPTION
Small utility to build a Java CLASSPATH with the named JARs. The CLASSPATH is returned to standard output. EXAMPLES build-classpath tyrex saxon wsdl4j will return a string to standard out that is a valid CLASSPATH containing tyrex, saxon, and wsdl4j JARs. AUTHOR
Written by David Walluck REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs using JPackage Bugzilla ( build-classpath (jpackage-utils) 1.7.0 March 2006 BUILD-CLASSPATH(1)

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ikvm(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   ikvm(1)

ikvm - java virtual machine executable using the CLI runtime SYNOPOSIS
ikvm [ options ] class [ args ... ] ikvm [ options ] -jar jarfile [ args ... ] DESCRIPTION
IKVM is an implentation of the Java for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) runtime. It includes a byte code JIT compiler/verifier to translate Java byte code to CIL and GNU Classpath to provide the Java class libraries. ikvm program performs this translation and execu- tion at run time, the ikvmc(1) program provides a static compilation to CIL. This program is intended to act as a drop-in replacement for the java program that executes java bytecode (with or without a JIT) and as such, takes a subset of that tool's options and arguments as given here. ikvm operates in two modes, either on a fully-qualified Java classname or on a jar file with the -jar jarfile option given. Any remaining arguments args ... are passed to the main class. CLASS SEARCHING
Classes are searched for in the current directory if no -cp / -classpath option, no -jar option and no CLASSPATH environment variable is set. If only CLASSPATH is set and no ptions are given only that is used to find classes, the current directory is not used unless CLSSPATH con- tains . If -cp / -classpath is given, CLASSPATH is ignored. If -jar is given, the jar file is put at the start of the classpath taken from either the -cp / -classpath option or from CLASSPATH. See also the description for the -Xbootclasspath option below. OPTIONS
-cp path -classpath path Set the JVM classpath to search for application classes and resources. The path is a sequence of directories and zip/jar files sep- arated by : (; on Windows). If this option is given more than once, only the last one applies. -Dname=value Set a system property name to value. -ea[:packagename ... | :classname] -enableassertions[:packagename ... | :classname] Enable assertions. -da[:packagename ... |:classname] -disableassertions[:packagename ... | :classname] Disable assertions. -version Display IKVM and runtime version -Xbootclasspath:path Set the boot JVM classpath for bootstrap classes and resources. The path is a sequence of directories and zip/jar files separated by : (; on Windows). If this option is given more than once, only the last one applies. -Xbreak Trigger a user defined breakpoint at startup -Xmethodtrace:string Builds method trace into the specified output methods -Xsave Save the generated assembly for debugging. -Xtime Time the execution. -Xtrace:name Displays all tracepoints with the given name. -Xwait Keep the process hanging around after exit. -? -help Display a summary of the usage. SEE ALSO
ikvmc(1), ikvmstub(1). IKVM Project web site <> Man page by Dave Beckett, made available under the same terms as IKVM. 2005-06-19 ikvm(1)

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