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ld_support(3EXT)					    Extended Library Functions						  ld_support(3EXT)

ld_support, ld_atexit, ld_atexit64, ld_file, ld_file64, ld_input_done, ld_input_section, ld_input_section64, ld_section, ld_section64, ld_start, ld_start64, ld_version - link-editor support functions SYNOPSIS
void ld_atexit(int status); void ld_atexit64(int status); void ld_file(const char *name, const Elf_Kind kind, int flags, Elf *elf); void ld_file64(const char *name, const Elf_Kind kind, int flags, Elf *elf); void ld_input_done(uint_t *flags); void ld_input_section(const char *name, Elf32_Shdr **shdr, Elf32_Word sndx, Elf_Data *data, Elf *elf, uint_t *flags); void ld_input_section64(const char *name, Elf64_Shdr **shdr, Elf64_Word sndx, Elf_Data *data, Elf *elf, uint_t *flags); void ld_section(const char *name, Elf32_Shdr shdr, Elf32_Word sndx, Elf_Data *data, Elf *elf); void ld_section64(const char *name, Elf64_Shdr shdr, Elf64_Word sndx, Elf_Data *data, Elf *elf); void ld_start(const char *name, const Elf32_Half type, const char *caller); void ld_start64(const char *name, const Elf64_Half type, const char *caller); void ld_version(uint_t version); DESCRIPTION
A link-editor support library is a user-created shared object offering one or more of these interfaces that are called by the link-editor ld(1) at various stages of the link-editing process. See the Linker and Libraries Guide for a full description of the link-editor support mechanism. SEE ALSO
ld(1) Linker and Libraries Guide SunOS 5.10 29 Oct 2001 ld_support(3EXT)

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