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setusershell(3c) [sunos man page]

getusershell(3C)					   Standard C Library Functions 					  getusershell(3C)

getusershell, setusershell, endusershell - get legal user shells SYNOPSIS
#include <unistd.h> char *getusershell(void); void setusershell(void); void endusershell(void); DESCRIPTION
The getusershell() function returns a pointer to a legal user shell as defined by the system manager in the file /etc/shells. If /etc/shells does not exist, the following locations of the standard system shells are used in its place: /bin/bash /bin/csh /bin/jsh /bin/ksh /bin/pfcsh /bin/pfksh /bin/pfsh /bin/sh /bin/tcsh /bin/zsh /sbin/jsh /sbin/pfsh /sbin/sh /usr/bin/bash /usr/bin/csh /usr/bin/jsh /usr/bin/ksh /usr/bin/pfcsh /usr/bin/pfksh /usr/bin/pfsh /usr/bin/sh /usr/bin/tcsh /usr/bin/zsh /usr/xpg4/bin/sh The getusershell() function opens the file /etc/shells, if it exists, and returns the next entry in the list of shells. The setusershell() function rewinds the file or the list. The endusershell() function closes the file, frees any memory used by getusershell() and setusershell(), and rewinds the file /etc/shells. RETURN VALUES
The getusershell() function returns a null pointer on EOF. BUGS
All information is contained in memory that may be freed with a call to endusershell(), so it must be copied if it is to be saved. SunOS 5.10 30 Aug 2004 getusershell(3C)

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shells(4)							   File Formats 							 shells(4)

shells - shell database SYNOPSIS
/etc/shells DESCRIPTION
The shells file contains a list of the shells on the system. Applications use this file to determine whether a shell is valid. See getuser- shell(3C). For each shell a single line should be present, consisting of the shell's path, relative to root. A hash mark (#) indicates the beginning of a comment; subsequent characters up to the end of the line are not interpreted by the routines which search the file. Blank lines are also ignored. The following default shells are used by utilities: /bin/bash, /bin/csh, /bin/jsh, /bin/ksh, /bin/ksh93, /bin/pfcsh, /bin/pfksh, /bin/pfsh, /bin/sh, /bin/tcsh, /bin/zsh, /sbin/jsh, /sbin/sh, /usr/bin/bash, /usr/bin/csh, /usr/bin/jsh, /usr/bin/ksh, /usr/bin/ksh93, /usr/bin/pfcsh, /usr/bin/pfksh, /usr/bin/pfsh, and /usr/bin/sh, /usr/bin/tcsh, /usr/bin/zsh, and /usr/sfw/bin/zsh. /etc/shells overrides the default list. Invalid shells in /etc/shells could cause unexpected behavior, such as being unable to log in by way of ftp(1). FILES
/etc/shells list of shells on system SEE ALSO
vipw(1B), ftpd(1M), sendmail(1M), getusershell(3C), aliases(4) SunOS 5.11 20 Nov 2007 shells(4)
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