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SunOS 5.10 - man page for _edata (sunos section 3c)

end(3C) 						   Standard C Library Functions 						   end(3C)

end, _end, etext, _etext, edata, _edata - last locations in program
extern int _etext; extern int _edata; extern int _end;
These names refer neither to routines nor to locations with interesting contents; only their addresses are meaningful. _etext The address of _etext is the first location after the program text. _edata The address of _edata is the first location after the initialized data region. _end The address of _end is the first location after the uninitialized data region.
When execution begins, the program break (the first location beyond the data) coincides with _end, but the program break may be reset by the brk(2), malloc(3C), and the standard input/output library (see stdio(3C)), functions by the profile (-p) option of cc(1B), and so on. Thus, the current value of the program break should be determined by sbrk ((char *)0). References to end, etext, and edata, without a preceding underscore will be aliased to the associated symbol that begins with the under- score.
cc(1B), brk(2), malloc(3C), stdio(3C) SunOS 5.10 1 Sep 2003 end(3C)

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