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zuludaemon(1m) [sunos man page]

zuludaemon(1M)						  System Administration Commands					    zuludaemon(1M)

zuludaemon - load microcode for Sun XVR-4000 Graphics Accelerator device SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/zuludaemon [-dev zulu_device] DESCRIPTION
The zuludaemon is a daemon, started and stopped from a script in /etc/init.d, that loads the microcode and provides other support functions for the Sun XVR-4000 Graphics Accelerator device. Do not kill this process. This deamon is essential to the zulu(7D) driver. The zuludaemon process is not configurable. OPTIONS
-dev zulu_device name of the Sun XVR-4000 Graphics Accelerator device FILES
/usr/sbin/zuludaemon daemon executable /usr/lib/zulu.ucode file containing microcode used by zuludaemon /etc/init.d/zuluinit startup/kill script for zuludaemon ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWzuluc | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
SUNWzulu_config(1M), attributes(5), zulu(7D) SunOS 5.10 4 Oct 2002 zuludaemon(1M)

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SUNWpfb_config(1M)														SUNWpfb_config(1M)

SUNWpfb_config - fbconfig module for configuring Sun XVR-100 Graphics Accelerator SYNOPSIS
/usr/lib/fbconfig/SUNWpfb_config [-dev device-filename] [ -res video-mode [now | try] [noconfirm | nocheck] ] [-file | machine | system] [-fake8 | enable | disable] [-doublewide | enable | disable] [-doublehigh | enable | disable] [-outputs | swapped | direct] [-depth | 8 | 24] [-offset xval yval] [-defaults] /usr/lib/fbconfig/SUNWpfb_config [-propt] [-prconf] /usr/lib/fbconfig/SUNWpfb_config [-help] [ -res ?] SUNWpfb_config is the Sun XVR-100 device dependent layer for fbconfig(1M). It configures the Sun XVR-100 Graphics Accelerator and some of the X11 window system defaults for Sun XVR-100. The Sun XVR-100 provides the capability to drive two monitors, each with a unique video stream (Stream #1 and Stream #2). The first form of SUNWpfb_config shown in the SYNOPSIS section sets options for the Sun XVR-100. It stores the specified options in the OWconfig file. These options initialize the Sun XVR-100 device the next time the window system is run on that device. Updating options in the OWconfig file provides persistence of these options across window system sessions and system reboots. The Sun XVR-100 device is immedi- ately programmed if you specify the -res now. The second form, which invokes the only the -prconf and -propt options, queries the Sun XVR-100 for status. The third form, which invokes the -help, and -res and ? options, provides instruction on using SUNWpfb_config. Additionally, for the third form all other options are ignored. You can only specify options for only one Sun XVR-100 device at a time. If you want to specify options for multiple Sun XVR-100 devices, you must requires multiple invocations of SUNWpfb_config. You can only use SUNWpfb_config to specify Sun XVR-100-specific options. You can use the normal window system options to specify the default depth, default visual class and so forth as device modifiers on the command line when the X Server is started. See dtlogin(1) for information regarding the Xservers File. You can also specify the OWconfig file to update. The machine-specific file in the /etc/openwin directory tree is updated by default. You can used the -file option to specify an alternate file. For example, you can update the system-global OWconfig file in the /usr/openwin directory tree instead. The following options are supported: -defaults Reset all option values to their default values. -depth 8 | 24 Set the depth (bits per pixel) for the window system. Possible values for the -depth option are 8 or 24. You must log out of the cur- rent window system session and log back in again for the change to take effect. Any depth setting in the Xserver command line takes precedence over what is set using fbconfig. The default is 8. -dev device-filename Specify the Sun XVR-100 special file. The default is /dev/fb. -doublehigh enable | disable Configure the two outputs of the Sun XVR-100 into one vertical virtual display. The default is disable. -doublewide enable | disable Configure the two outputs of the Sun XVR-100 into one horizontal virtual display. The default is disable. -fake8 enable | disable Enable or disable simple 8 bit X windows to be rendered without a hardware colormap to reduce colormap flashing. You might notice per- formance reductions. The default is disable. -file machine|system Specifies which OWconfig file to update. If machine is specified, the machine-specific OWconfig file in the /etc/openwin directory tree is updated. If system is specified, the global OWconfig file in the /usr/openwin directory tree is updated. If the specified file does not exist, it is created. This option has no effect unless other options are specified. The default is machine. -help Print a list of the SUNWpfb_config command line options, along with a brief explanation of each. -offset xval yval Adjust the position of the secondary stream. This option is currently implemented only for the -doublewide and -doublehigh modes. For -doublewide, use the xval to position the DVI stream, if -outputs are direct (VGA stream if -outputs are swapped). A negative value specifies the overlapped region with the primary stream. This is similar for -doublehigh, except the yval is used. Positive values are treated as 0. The default is [0, 0]. -outputs swapped | direct Reverse or not reverse the positions of the -doublewide or -doublehigh outputs relative to each other. The default is direct. -propt Print the current values of all Sun XVR-100 options in the OWconfig file specified by the -file option for the device specified by the -dev option. Print the values of options as they will be in the OWconfig file after the call to SUNWpfb_config completes. This is a typical display: --- OpenWindows Configuration for /dev/fbs/pfb0 --- OWconfig: machine Video Mode: NONE Depth: not set Screen Information: Doublewide: Disable Doublehigh: Disable Output Configuration: Direct -prconf Print the Sun XVR-100 hardware configuration. This is a typical display: --- Hardware Configuration for /dev/fbs/pfb0 --- Type: XVR-100 ASIC: version 0x5159 REV : version 0x3000000 PROM: version 0 Monitor/Resolution Information: EDID Data: Not Available Current resolution setting: 1280x1024x75 Depth Information: Possible depths: 8, 24 Current depth: 8 -res video-mode [ now | try [ noconfirm | nocheck ]] Specify the video mode that drives the monitor connected to the specified Sun XVR-100 device. Video modes are built-in. The -res option requires you to specify the video-mode. You can specify video-mode in the format of widthx- heightxrate or as a symbolic name. widthxheightxrate Specify video-mode in the format of widthxheightxrate, where width is the screen width in pixels, height is the screen height in pixels, and rate is the vertical frequency of the screen refresh. An example video mode specified in this format is 1280x1024x76. The -res option also accepts formats with @ preceding the refresh rate instead of x, (1280x1024@76). Symbolic Names Some video modes have symbolic names defined for them. Instead of the form widthxheightxrate format, you can specify one of the symbolic names as the argument to the -res. The meaning of the symbolic name none is that when the window system is run the screen resolution is the video mode that is currently programmed in the device. The following symbolic names and their corresponding video modes are supported: svga 1024x768x60 1152 1152x900x76 1280 1280x1024x75 none Programmed video mode Some video-modes, supported by Sun XVR-100, might not be supported by the monitor. Use the -res ? option to obtain the list of video- modes supported by the Sun XVR-100 device and the monitor. The -res option also accepts additional, optional arguments immediately following the video mode specification. The following addi- tional, optional arguments are supported: nocheck If present, the normal error checking based on the monitor sense code is suspended. The video mode specified by the user is accepted regardless of whether it is appropriate for the currently attached monitor. This option is useful if a different monitor is to be connected to the Sun XVR-100 device. Use of this option implies noconfirm as well. noconfirm You could put the system into an unusable state using the -res option, which has no video output. To reduce the chance of this, the default behavior of SUNWpfb_config is to print a warning message and to ask the user whether to continue. The noconfirm option bypasses this confirmation. This option is useful when you are running SUNWpfb_config from a shell script. now If present, updates the video mode in the OWconfig file and immediately programs the Sun XVR-100 device to display this video mode. This is useful for changing the video mode before starting the window system. Do not use this suboption with SUNWpfb_config while the configured device is being used, for example, while running the window system. Unpredictable results can occur. If you want to run SUNWpfb_config with the now suboption, first bring the window system down. If you use the now within a window system session, the video mode is changed immediately. The width and height of the affected screen will not change until the window system is exited and re-entered again. Additionally, the system might not recognize changes in stereo mode. This usage is discouraged. try If present, programs the specified video mode on a trial basis. You are asked to confirm the video mode by entering a y within 10 seconds. You can terminate the trial before 10 seconds by entering any character but y or <RETURN>. This sub-option should not be used with SUNWpfbconfig while the configured device is being used (for example, while running the window system) as unpredictable results may occur. To run SUNWpfbconfig with the try sub-option, the window system should be brought down first. -res ? Print a list of defined video-mode names. DEFAULTS
For a given invocation of SUNWpfb_config command line if an option does not appear on the command line, the corresponding OWconfig option is not updated; it retains its previous value. When the window system is run, if an Sun XVR-100 option has never been specified by SUNWpfb_config, a default value is used. The options and their corresponding defaults are as follows: Option Default -dev /dev/fb -file machine -res none -fake8 disable -depth 8 -doublewide disable -doublehigh disable -outputs direct -offset [0,0] The default for the -res option none means that when the window system is run the screen resolution will be the video mode that is cur- rently programmed in the Sun XVR-100 PROM. This provides compatibility for users who are used to specifying the device resolution through the Sun XVR-100 PROM. On some devices (e.g. GX) this is the only way of specifying the video mode. This means that the PROM ultimately determines the default Sun XVR-100 video mode. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Switching the Monitor Type The following example switches the monitor type to the resolution of 1280 ~ 1024 at 76 Hz: example% fbconfig -res 1280x1024x76 FILES
/dev/fbs/pfbn Device special file for Sun XVR-100 single screen /dev/fbs/pfbna Device special file for the Sun XVR-100 first video out /dev/fbs/pfbnb Device special file for the Sun XVR-100 second video out /usr/lib/fbconfig/SUNWpfb_config Device special file See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWpfbcf | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
fbconfig(1M), attributes(5), pfb(7D) XSun(1), dtlogin(1) 8 Apr 2004 SUNWpfb_config(1M)

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