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SunOS 5.10 - man page for cssd (sunos section 1m)

cssd(1M)						  System Administration Commands						  cssd(1M)

cssd - daemon which invokes and watches the CSs
/usr/sbin/cssd [-f filename]
cssd is the command which invokes and watches CS available in MLE (Multi Language Environment). After five seconds of the ending (includ- ing abnormal termination) of a CS, cssd re-invokes the CS. CS STARTING INFORMATION FILE In a CS starting information file, /etc/css.conf by default, some CS starting information directories are described. This file can be cus- tomized. cssd reads /etc/css.conf to get CS starting information directories, and then it invokes all executable files in the directories. Usually, each CS itself is not placed in the directories and is invoked indirectly from a script in one of the directories. CS STARTING SCRIPT A CS starting script is located in a CS starting information directory. cssd reads all CS starting information directories in the sequence specified in /etc/css.conf and finds to invoke all CS starting scripts. If two or more scripts which have the same filename are found, cssd invokes only the first one. UPDATING CS STARTING INFORMAION When cssd receives signal SIGHUP , it re-reads /etc/css.conf and re-finds all CS starting scripts, and then restarts, starts or terminates each script according to the following conditions. A script whose modified time is changed (is to be restarted) A script which is newly added (is to be started) A script which is deleted (is to be terminated) TO TERMINATE When cssd receives signal SIGTERM, it sends SIGTERM to each CS under the cssd's management and terminates itself (in general, each CS also terminates with the signal). ERROR INFORMATION As a facility of daemon, cssd sends error information at level `err' , and invoke/re-invoke information at level `notice' to syslogd(1M).
-f filenaSpecify a CS starting information file. Without this option, /etc/css.conf is used.
/etc/css.conf file for the information of CSs by default
css.conf(4), syslogd(1M)
If a CS starting script is programmed so that itself is exec-ed by a CS, cssd understands that the process of the CS starting script is terminated in spite of the CS's termination, and so puts syslog message out. SunOS 5.10 10 Jan 2003 cssd(1M)