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asant(1M)						    Application Server Utility							 asant(1M)

asant - launches the Jakarta Ant tool SYNOPSIS
asant target_list Use the asant command to automate repetitive development and deployment tasks. asant is a shell script that invokes the underlying Ant in- frastructure after initializing the environment to pickup the application server installed targets. To use Ant as part of the Sun ONE Application Server, verify that your PATH includes the provided asant (Solaris) ant.bat(Windows) script. The bundled sample applications use asant extensively; however, asant can be used in any development or operational environments. The build targets are represented in the build.xml files that accompany the sample applications. To use the Ant tool to compile and reassemble the sample applications, verify that the $AS_INSTALL/bin directory is on your environment's path. On UNIX, add the $AS_INSTALL/bin directory to your PATH environment variable. On Windows, after installing the Sun ONE Application Server, set the system path by adding $AS_INSTALLin to the user PATH. You can access the PATH system variable from: Start menu, Settings, Control Panel, System, Advanced, Environment Variables, User Variables for Administrator, PATH. The target_list is one or more space separated tasks as described below. TARGETS
compile compiles all Java source code. jar assembles the EJB JAR module. war assembles the WAR file in <sample_dir>/assemble/war ear assembles the EAR file in <sample_dir>/assemble/ear core (default) compiles all sources, builds stubs and skeletons; and assembles EJB JAR, WAR and EAR files. This is the default target for all build.xml files shipped in the Sun ONE Application Server. javadocs creates Java docs in <sample_dir>/javadocs all builds core and javadocs , verifies and deploys the application, and adds the resources.. deploy deploys the application and automatically expands the EJB JAR; does not install Javadocs. undeploy removes the deployed sample from the Sun ONE Application Server. clean removes <appname>/build/ and <appname>/assemble/ and <appname>/javadocs directories. verify verifies the deployment descriptors in the sample. Example 1: Compiling and Assembling a Sample Application Using the simple stateless EJB sample as an example, execute several of the build targets as follows: cd install_root/samples/ejb/stateless/simple/src Execute the compile target to compile the Java sources as follows: asant compile Execute the war, ear, and ejbjar target to assemble the J2EE module files and the EAR file as follows by: asant jar asant war asant ear Alternatively, all the above tasks can be accomplished by: asant core Since the default build target is core you can execute asant without any arguments to rebuild the entire application. Example 2: Building Web-based Applications You can build everything, including installing Javadocs, and deploying the application by: asant all Additionally, you can build everything, except the Javadocs, but deploy the application by: asant core or just, asant then, asant deploy To rebuild the ear after you have modified the deployment descriptors without recompiling: asant ear asant deploy Apache Software Foundation at, Jakarta Ant documentation at SUNWant documentation located in /usr/sfw/share/doc/ant , asadmin(1M) Sun Java System Application Server March 2004 asant(1M)
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