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asadmin-help(1AS)						   User Commands						 asadmin-help(1AS)

help - displays a list of all the commands available in the Command-line interface SYNOPSIS
asadmin help or asadmin --help | -h | -? The help command displays a list of all the asadmin commands available in the Command-line interface. Specify the command to display the usage information for that command. To display the manpage of each command, use the syntax: asadmin command_name --help | -h | -? or asad- min help command_name The following is a list of all the Command-line interface commands: add-resources registers the resource in the XML file specified create-admin-object adds the administered object with the specified JNDI name create-audit-module creates an audit module for the optional plugin module create-auth-realm adds the new authorized realm create-connector-connectaddspaoconnection pool with the specified connection pool name create-connector-resourcregisters the resource with the specified JNDI name create-connector-securitcreates or modifies a security map for the namedconnector connection pool create-custom-resource registers the custom resource create-domain creates a domain with the given name create-file-user creates a new file user create-http-listener adds a new HTTP listener socket create-iiop-listener adds the IIOP listener create-javamail-resourceregisters the Javamail resource create-jdbc-connection-pregisters the JDBC connection pool create-jdbc-resource registers the JDBC resource create-jms-resource registers the JMS resource create-jmsdest adds the named destination create-jndi-resource registers the JNDI resource create-jvm-options creates the JVM options from the Java configuration or profiler elements create-lifecycle-module adds a lifecycle module create-persistence-resouregisters the persistence resource create-profiler creates the profiler element create-resource-adapter-creates the resource adapter Java bean create-ssl creates the SSL element in the HTTP listener or IIOP listener create-threadpool creates the thread pool create-virtual-server adds the named virtual server delete-admin-object removes the administered object with the specified JNDI name delete-audit-module deletes the audit-module for the optional plugin module delete-auth-realm removes the named authorized realm delete-connector-connectremoveslthe specified connection pool delete-connector-securitdeletes the named security map delete-connector-resourcremoves the named resource connector delete-custom-resource removes the custom resource delete-domain deletes the given domain delete-file-user removes the named file user delete-http-listener removes the HTTP listener delete-iiop-listener removes the IIOP listener delete-javamail-resourceremoves the Javamail resource delete-jdbc-connection-premoves the JDBC connection pool delete-jdbc-resource removes the JDBC resource delete-jms-resource removes the JMS resource delete-jmsdest destroys the named destination delete-jndi-resource removes the JNDI resource delete-jvm-options deletes the JVM options from the Java configuration or profiler elements delete-lifecycle-module removes the lifecycle module delete-persistence-resouremoves the persistence resource delete-profiler deletes the profiler element delete-resource-adapter-deletes the resource adapter Java bean delete-ssl deletes the ssl element from the HTTP listener or IIOP listener delete-threadpool deletes the thread pool delete-virtual-server deletes the virtual server with the named virtual server ID deploy deploys the specified component deploydir deploys the component that is in the directory located on domain application server disable stops the component enable runs the component export marks a variable name for automatic export to the environment of subsequent commands in multimode freeze-transaction-serviimmobilizes the named transaction service get gets the values of the monitorable or configurable attributes get-client-stubs gets the stubs of the client help displays a list of all the commands available in the Command-line interface jms-ping checks to see if the JMS provider is up and running list-admin-objects gets all the administered objects list-audit-modules lists the audit modules list-auth-realms lists the authorized realms list-components Lists deployed components list-connector-connectiogetsoall the connection pools list-connector-resourcesgets all the connector resources list-connector-security-lists the security maps for the connector connection pool list-custom-resources gets all the custom resources list-domains lists the domains in the given domains directory list-file-groups lists the file groups list-file-users lists the file users list-http-listeners gets the HTTP listeners list-iiop-listeners gets the IIOP listeners list-javamail-resources gets all the Javamail resources list-jdbc-connection-pooregisters the JDBC connection pool list-jdbc-resources gets all the JDBC resources list-jms-resources gets all the JMS resources list-jmsdest gets all the named destinations list-jndi-resources gets all the JNDI resources list-lifecycle-modules gets the lifecycle modules list-persistence-resourcgets all the persistence resources list-resource-adapter-colists the resource adapters configured in an instance list-sub-components Lists EJBs or Servlets in a deployed module or in a module of a deployed application list-threadpools lists the thread pools list-virtual-servers gets the virtual servers list lists the configurable elements multimode allows you to execute multiple commands while returning environment settings and remaining in the asadmin utility ping-connection-pool tests if a connection pool is usable rollback-transaction reinitialize the transaction service to its previous state set sets the values of attributes show-component-status displays the status of the deployed component start-domain starts the given domain stop-domain stops the given domain undeploy removes a component in the domain application server unfreeze-transaction-sermobilizes the named transaction service unset removes one or more variables from the multimode environment update-file-user updates a current file user as specified update-connector-securitupdates the security map for the specified connector connection pool verify-domain-xml verifies the content of the domain.xml version displays the version information Example 1: Using the help command asadmin> help asadmin> create-domain --help Where: create-domain is the command you wish to view the usage for. 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