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jtops(1)							   User Commands							  jtops(1)

jtops - postscript filter for printing Japanese characters on Sun Laser Writer or Japanese postscript printer SYNOPSIS
jtops [-12rRjJvwWmg] [-ln] [-s size] [-f font] [filename...] AVAILABILITY
jtops is a filter for converting Japanese characters to Japanese postscript output which uses Kanji font on a printer side. Input from stdin is converted and sent to stdout. If there is no filename, the standard input is read. By default, it forms font size 10 and 66 lines per page for the portrait form. Before checking options specified in command lines, it interprets the strings in the JTOPS environment variable as options. OPTIONS
-1 1 column output (by default). -2 2 columns output. -r Rotate for the landscape form. -R Output in the portrait form (by default). -v Use Kanji-fonts of printer (for the Japanese PostScript printer by default). -l n Specify the number of lines per page as n (by default 66). -m Use Ming style as Japanese fonts (by default). -g Use Gothic style as Japanese fonts. As alphabetic fonts use Courier-Bold style unless -f option is specified. -f font Specify alphabetic fonts in font. By default, use Courier style without -g option, otherwise Courier-Bold style. -s size Set font size to size. When the fontsize is specified with -s, the lines per page are calculated as follows: portrait: 720 / (fontsize + 1) landscape: 550 / (fontsize + 1) -j Use half size alphanumeric of Japanese fonts as alphanumeric fonts. -J Use Courier as alphanumeric fonts( by default). -W Control the ratio of alphanumeric character and Japanese to be 1:2, except changeable width of alphanumeric fonts( by default). -w Not control the ratio of alphanumeric character and Japanese. EXAMPLES
Example 1: example% jtops -j -l40 -s11 filename | lpr example% pr -l120 filename | jtops -l120 -s5 | lpr example% jtops -2r filename | lpr ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
The locale has to be set to ja, ja_JP.eucJP, ja_JP.PCK, or ja_JP.UTF-8 in your environment. SEE ALSO
expand(1), lp(1), pr(1), lpr(1B), lpfilter(1M) NOTES
jtops supports the following character sets; o JIS X 0201 figure character set for Roman o JIS X 0201 figure character set for Katakana o JIS X 0208 SunOS 5.10 13 Sep 2002 jtops(1)

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jprconv(1)							   User Commands							jprconv(1)

jprconv - Filter for printing Japanese text on a dot-matrix Kanji printer or Japanese language page printer SYNOPSIS
jprconv [-T terminfo] [-r ] /usr/lib/lp/text/jprconv AVAILABILITY
jprconv is a filter for printing Japanese text on a dot-matrix Kanji printer (EPSON VP-5085 or NEC PC-PR201) or Japanese language page printer (Canon LASERSHOT). Control codes for each printer are as follows: +-----------------------+-----------------------------------+ |Database |Control code | |EPSON VP-5085 |ESC/P24-J84 of EPSON ESC/P | |NEC PR201 |NEC 201PL | |Canon LASERSHOT |LIPS-complied control code | +-----------------------+-----------------------------------+ If the above control codes are supported, Japanese text can be printed on another printer. jprconv reads Japanese characters from the standard input, converts them to each control code, and writes to the standard output. If the input character code includes any user-defined characters, JIS X 0212, IBM Extended characters, or NEC-selective IBM Extended characters, these fonts are also printed. For the other characters, fonts installed on the printer are used. You can use sdtudctool to define user-specific characters (see sdtudctool(1)). To print JIS X 0212, IBM Extended characters, or NEC-selec- tive IBM Extended characters, the SUNWjcs3f package is also needed. OPTIONS
-T Specifies to use terminfo database. Any one of the following must be spefified. canon-ls-408 In case of LIPS format nec-pr201 In case of NEC 201PL format epson-vp5085 In case of ESC/P24-J84 format -r Does not convert NL to CR-NL when printing. By default it is converted. EXAMPLES
To print file1 in the ESC/P24-J84 format, type: example% jprconv -T epson-vp5085 < file1 ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
To run this command, the locale must be set to ja, ja_JP.PCK or ja_JP.UTF-8. FILES
/usr/lib/lp/text/jprconv.conf /usr/share/lib/terminfo/e/epson-vp5085 /usr/share/lib/terminfo/n/nec-pr201 /usr/share/lib/terminfo/c/canon-ls-a408 SEE ALSO
jtops(1), jpostprint(1), sdtudctool(1), lpfilter(1M) Japanese Environment User's Guide NOTES
In general, it is not necessary to use the jprconv because jprconv is used as a filter on the printer server side. For the setting on the printer server side, see Japanese Environment User's Guide. Only Japanese characters are printable in the ja_JP.UTF-8 locale. SunOS 5.10 10 Jan 2003 jprconv(1)
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