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Utils(n)			      Tix Built-In Commands				 Utils(n)


       tixUtils - Utility commands in Tix.

       tixDescendants pathName
       tixDisableAll pathName
       tixEnableAll pathName
       tixPushGrab ?-global? window

       tixDescendants pathName
	      Returns a list of all the descendant widgets of pathName plus pathName itself.

       tixDisableAll pathName
	      Disables pathName and all its descendants.

       tixEnableAll pathName
	      Enables pathName and all its descendants.

       tixPushGrab ?-global? window
	      The  tixPushGrab	and tixPopGrab commands allows you to perform "cascade-grabbing".
	      tixPushGrab calls the grab(n) command on window and  saves  window  on  a  grabbing

	      tixPopGrab  pops the top-most element from the grabbing stack and release its grab.
	      If the grabbing stack is not empty, then tixPopGrab will	execute  grab(n)  on  the
	      current top-most element in the grabbing stack.

       Some Tix widgets (for example, tixComboBox and tixPanedWindow) grabs the screen on certain
       occasions using tixPushGrab and tixPopGrab. Therefore, if you need to grab the screen when
       these widgets are present, you should also call tixPushGrab and tixPopGrab in place of the
       Tk grab and grab release commands. Otherwise, the behavior of these widgets may	be  unde-

       Tix(n), grab(n)

Tix					       4.0					 Utils(n)
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