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tixNBFrame(n)			      Tix Built-In Commands			    tixNBFrame(n)


       tixNBFrame - Create and manipulate Tix NoteBook Frame widgets

       tixNBFrame pathName ?options?

       -background     -borderWidth   -cursor	      -disabledForeground
       -foreground     -font			      -height-highlightColor
       -highlightThickness	      -relief	      -takeFocus

       See the options manual entry for details on the standard options.

       [-backpagecolor backPageColor]  Specifies the color for the extra space on the row of tabs
       which is not covered by any page tabs.  [-focuscolor focusColor] Specifies the  color  for
       the focus highlight.  [-inactivebackground inactiveBackground] Specifies the color for the
       inactive tabs (the active tab always have the same  background  color  as  the  notebook).
       [-tabpadx tabPadX] The horizontal padding around the text labels on the page tabs.  [-tab-
       pady tabPadY] The vertical padding around the text labels on the page tabs.

       The NBFrame widget is used privately inside the TixNoteBook(n) widget to display the  page
       tabs.  The  application programmer should never create a NBFrame widget directly. The sole
       purpose of this maual page is to describe the options that can be used  to  configure  the
       appearance of the TixNoteBook widget.

       The  name of the NBFrame subwidget inside the TixNoteBook widget is called nbframe. It can
       be accessed using the subwidget command of the TixNoteBook widget or the -options  switch.
       See below for an example.

	      set nb [tixNoteBook .nb -options {
		  nbframe.BackPageColor gray60
	      $nb subwidget nbframe config -font fixed

	      $nb add page1 -label "Page1"
	      set page [$nb subwidget page1]
	      button $page.b1
	      pack $page.b1

	      pack $nb -expand yes -fill both

       Tix(n), tixNoteBook(n)

Tix					       4.0				    tixNBFrame(n)
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