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mpexpand(n)			      Documentation toolbox			      mpexpand(n)

       mpexpand - Markup processor

       mpexpand ?-module module? format infile|- outfile|-

       mpexpand.all ?-verbose? ?module?

       This  manpage  describes the processor / converter for manpages in the format described in
       the manpage mp_rules.

       mpexpand ?-module module? format infile|- outfile|-
	      The processor takes three arguments, namely the code describing which formatting to
	      generate as the output, the file to read the markup from, and the file to write the
	      generated output into. If the infile is "-" the processor will read from stdin.  If
	      outfile is "-" the processor will write to stdout.

	      If  the option -module is present its value overides the internal definition of the
	      module name.

	      The currently known output formats are

	      nroff  The processor generates *roff output, the standard format for unix manpages.

	      html   The processor generates HTML  output,  for  usage	in  and  display  by  web

	      tmml   The  processor generates TMML output, the Tcl Manpage Markup Language, a de-
		     rivative of XML.

	      latex  The processor generates LaTeX output.

       mpexpand.all ?-verbose? ?module?
	      This command uses mpexpand to generate all possible output formats for all manpages
	      in  the  current directory. The manpages are recognized through the extension .man.
	      If -verbose is specified the command will list its actions before executing them.

	      The module information is passed to mpexpand.

       The interface between the manpage processor and a file specifying  the  conversion  to  an
       output format is described in the manpage formatter(n).

       Possible future formats are plain text, latex, pdf and postscript.

       expander(n), format(n), formatter(n)

       manpage, TMML, HTML, nroff, conversion, markup

doctools				       1.0				      mpexpand(n)
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