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local(n)				    [incr Tcl]					 local(n)

       local - create an object local to a procedure

       local className objName ?arg arg ...?

       The  local  command  creates an [incr Tcl] object that is local to the current call frame.
       When the call frame goes away, the object is automatically deleted.  This command is  use-
       ful for creating objects that are local to a procedure.

       As a side effect, this command creates a variable named "itcl-local-xxx", where xxx is the
       name of the object that is  created.   This  variable  detects  when  the  call	frame  is
       destroyed and automatically deletes the associated object.

       In  the	following example, a simple "counter" object is used within the procedure "test".
       The counter is created as a local object, so it is automatically  deleted  each	time  the
       procedure  exits.   The	puts  statements  included in the constructor/destructor show the
       object coming and going as the procedure is called.  class counter {
	   private variable count 0
	   constructor {} {
	       puts "created: $this"
	   destructor {
	       puts "deleted: $this"

	   method bump {{by 1}} {
	       incr count $by
	   method get {} {
	       return $count
	   } }

       proc test {val} {
	   local counter x
	   for {set i 0} {$i < $val} {incr i} {
	       x bump
	   return [x get] }

       set result [test 5] puts "test: $result"

       set result [test 10] puts "test: $result"

       puts "objects: [info objects]"

       class, object, procedure

itcl											 local(n)

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