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lindex(n)			      Tcl Built-In Commands				lindex(n)


       lindex - Retrieve an element from a list

       lindex list index

       This  command treats list as a Tcl list and returns the index'th element from it (0 refers
       to the first element of the list).  In extracting the element, lindex  observes	the  same
       rules  concerning  braces  and quotes and backslashes as the Tcl command interpreter; how-
       ever, variable substitution and command substitution do not occur.  If index  is  negative
       or  greater  than  or  equal  to  the number of elements in value, then an empty string is
       returned.  If index has the value end, it refers to the last  element  in  the  list,  and
       end-integer refers to the last element in the list minus the specified integer offset.

       list(n), lappend(n), linsert(n), llength(n), lsearch(n), lsort(n), lrange(n), lreplace(n)

       element, index, list

Tcl					       8.2					lindex(n)
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