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itkvars(n)				    [incr Tk]				       itkvars(n)

       itkvars - variables used by [incr Tk]

       The  following  global  variables  are  created and managed automatically by the [incr Tk]
       library.  Except where noted below, these variables should normally be  treated	as  read-
       only by application-specific code and by users.

	      When  an	interpreter  is  created, [incr Tk] initializes this variable to hold the
	      name of a directory containing the system library of [incr Tk] scripts.	The  ini-
	      tial  value  of itk::library is set from the ITK_LIBRARY environment variable if it
	      exists, or from a compiled-in value otherwise.

	      When [incr Tk] is added to an interpreter, it executes  the  script  "init.itk"  in
	      this  directory.	 This script, in turn, looks for other script files with the name
	      "init.xxx".  Mega-widget	libraries  will  be  automatically  initialized  if  they
	      install a script named "init.xxx" in this directory, where "xxx" is the name of the
	      mega-widget library.  For example, the [incr Widgets] library installs  the  script
	      "init.iwidgets"  in  this directory.  This script establishes the "iwidgets" names-
	      pace, and sets up autoloading for all [incr Widgets] commands.

       itcl, itk, variables

itk					       3.0				       itkvars(n)
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