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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for itk (redhat section n)

itk(n)					    [incr Tk]					   itk(n)

       itk - framework for building mega-widgets in Tcl/Tk

       Mega-widgets  are  high-level  widgets  that are constructed using Tk widgets as component
       parts, usually without any C code.  A fileselectionbox, for example, may have a few  list-
       boxes,  some  entry  widgets  and  some control buttons.  These individual widgets are put
       together in a way that makes them act like one big widget.  A fileselectionbox mega-widget
       can  be	created  with  a command like: fileselectionbox .fsb -background blue -foreground
       white Once it has been created, it can be reconfigured with a command like: .fsb configure
       -background  green -foreground black and all of its internal components will change color.
       Each mega-widget has a set of methods that can be used to manipulate it.  For example, the
       current	selection  can	be  queried from a fileselectionbox like this: set fileName [.fsb
       get] In effect, a mega-widget looks and acts exactly like a Tk widget, but is considerably
       easier to implement.

       [incr Tk]  is  a  framework  for building mega-widgets.	It uses [incr Tcl] to support the
       object paradigm, and adds base classes which provide default widget behaviors.

       All [incr Tk] widgets are derived from the  Archetype  base  class.   This  class  manages
       internal  component  widgets,  and  provides methods like "configure" and "cget" to access
       configuration options.

       The Widget base class inherits everything from Archetype, and adds a Tk frame  which  acts
       as  a  container for the mega-widget.  It is used to build mega-widgets that sit inside of
       other frames and toplevels.  Derived classes create other  internal  components	and  pack
       them into the "hull" frame created by the Widget base class.

       The  Toplevel  base class inherits everything from Archetype, but adds a Tk toplevel which
       acts as a container for the mega-widget.  It is used to build mega-widgets, such as dialog
       boxes,  that have their own toplevel window.  Derived classes create other internal compo-
       nents and pack them into the "hull" toplevel created by the Toplevel base class.

[incr Widgets] LIBRARY
       [incr Widgets] is a mega-widget library built using [incr Tk].  It can be used  right  out
       of the box, and contains more than 30 different widget classes, including:

       -      fileselectiondialog

       -      tabnotebook

       -      panedwindow

       -      combobox

       -      optionmenu

       -      scrolledlistbox

       -      scrolledframe

       -      messagedialog

       -      and many others...

       The  catalog  demo in the "iwidgets/demos" directory shows all of the available widgets in
       action.	Each widget class has its own man page describing the features available.

       class, object, object-oriented, mega-widget

itk					       3.0					   itk(n)

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