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irc(n)				   Low Level Tcl IRC Interface				   irc(n)

       irc - Create IRC connection and interface.

       package require Tcl

       package require irc ?0.2?

       ::irc::connection hostname

       ::irc::config key value

       net registerevent event script

       net connect

       net user username localhostname userinfo

       net nick nick

       net ping

       net join channel

       net part channel

       net privmsg target message

       net send text

       who ?address?


       target ?index?


       This  package  provides	low-level  commands to deal with the IRC protocol (Internet Relay
       Chat) for immediate and interactive multi-cast communication.

       ::irc::connection hostname
	      The command creates a new object to deal with an IRC connection.	Creating this IRC
	      object  does not automatically create the network connection.  It returns a new irc
	      namespace command which can be used to interact with the new IRC connection.

       ::irc::config key value
	      Sets configuration key to value.	Currently, the only config  key  defined  is  the
	      boolean  flag  debug  which, when turned on, makes irc print more information about
	      what is going on.

Per-connection Commands
       In the following list of available connection methods net represents a connection  command
       as returned by ::irc::connection.

       net registerevent event script
	      Registers  a  callback  handler for the specific event.  Events available are those
	      described in the IRC RFC: 1459.	In  addition,  there  are  several  other  events
	      defined.	defaultcommand	adds  a  command  that	is called if no other callback is
	      present.	EOF is called if the connection signals an End of File condition.  script
	      is  executed  in the connection namespace, which can take advantage of several com-
	      mands (see Callback Commands below) to aid in the parsing of data.

       net connect
	      This causes the socket to be established.  ::irc::connection created the	namespace
	      and  the	commands  to  be used, but did not actually open the socket. This is done

       net user username localhostname userinfo
	      Sends USER command to server.  username is the username you want to appear.  local-
	      hostname is the name of your server, and userinfo is a short description of who you

       net nick nick
	      NICK command.  nick is the nickname you wish to use for the particular connection.

       net ping
	      PING the IRC server.

       net join channel
	      channel is the IRC channel to join.  IRC channels typically begin with  a  hashmark

       net part channel
	      Makes the client leave channel.

       net privmsg target message
	      Sends  message  to target, which can be either a channel, or another user, in which
	      case their nick is used.

       net send text
	      Sends text to the IRC server.

Callback Commands
       These commands can be used within callbacks

       who ?address?
	      Returns the nick of the user who performed a command.  The optional address keyword
	      causes the command to return the user in the format "username@address".

       action Returns the action perfomed, such as KICK, PRIVMSG, MODE, etc...	Normally not use-
	      ful, as callbacks are bound to a particular event.

       target ?index?
	      Returns the target of a particular command, such as the channel or user to  whom	a
	      PRIVMSG  is sent.  In the case of multiple targets, the optional index argument may
	      be used to specify which one to return.  The default is 0.

       msg    Returns the message portion of the command (the part after the :).

       rfc 1459

       irc, chat

irc					       0.2					   irc(n)

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