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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for exif (redhat section n)

exif(n) 				   EXIF parsing 				  exif(n)

       exif - Tcl EXIF extracts and parses EXIF fields from digital images

       package require Tcl 8.2

       package require exif ?1.0?

       exif::analyze channel


       The  EXIF package is a recoding of Chris Breeze's Perl package to do the same thing.  This
       version accepts a channel as input and returns a serialized array with all the  recognised
       fields parsed out.

       There  is  also	a  function  to  obtain  a list of all possible field names that might be
       present, which is useful in building GUIs that present such information.

       exif::analyze channel
	      channel should be an open file handle rewound to the start.  It does not need to be
	      seekable.   channel  will  be set to binary mode and is left wherever it happens to
	      stop being parsed, usually at the end of the file or the start of the  image  data.
	      You  must  open  and  close the stream yourself.	If no error is thrown, the return
	      value is a serialized array with informative English text about what was	found  in
	      the EXIF block.  Failure during parsing or I/O throw errors.

	      This  returns  a	list of all possible field names.  That is, the array returned by
	      exif::analyze will not contain  keys  that  are  not  listed  in	the  return  from
	      exif::fieldnames.   Of  course,  if  information	is  missing  in  the  image file,
	      exif::analyze may not return all the fields listed in the return from  exif::field-
	      names.   This function is expected to be primarily useful for building GUIs to dis-
	      play results.

	      N.B.: Read the implementation of exif::fieldnames before modifying the  implementa-
	      tion of exif::analyze.

       (c) 2002 Darren New Hold harmless the author, and any lawful use is allowed.

       This  code  is  a  direct  translation of version 1.3 of exif.pl by Chris Breeze.  See the
       source for full headers, references, etc.

exif					       1.0					  exif(n)

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