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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for dtformatter (redhat section n)

formatter(n)					 Documentation tools					 formatter(n)

formatter - Interface specification for formatter code
This manpage specifies the interface between the manpage processor mpexpand and the tcl code implementing the conversion into a particular output format. The tcl code has to provide [1] Implementations of all commands specified in format(n), using the defined names [2] and additionally implementations for NumPasses This command is called after the formatter is setup and has to return the number of passes required by this formatter to process a manpage. This information has to be an integer number greater or equal to one. PassSetup This command is called at the beginning of each pass over the input. It can assume that the cur- rent number of the pass is already set to the correct value and is responsible for setting up the internal state of the formatter for this pass. PostProcess text This command is called after last pass, with the expansion result of that pass, and can do any last-ditch modifications of the generated result. Its result is the final text written to the output. Most formats will use identity here. HandleText text This command is called for any plain text encountered by the processor in the input and can do any special processing required for plain text. Its result is the string written into the expan- sion. Most formats will use identity here. The tcl code implementing all of the above can make the following assumptions: [1] It has full access to its own non-safe interpreter. In other words, the formatter cannot damage the other parts of the processor, but it can do damage to the filesystem. It is trusted in that way. [2] The surrounding system provides the formatter code with the following commands: mp_pass This command returns the number of the current pass. mp_file This command returns the full name of the file currently processed, or stdin, if the input is read from there. mp_module This command returns the name of the module we are in. cappend cget cis cname cpop cpush cset lb rb All of the above commands are methods of the expander object handling the input. Their arguments and results are described in expander(n).
expander(n), format(n), mpexpand(n)
manpage, interface, TMML, HTML, nroff, conversion, markup doctools 1.0 formatter(n)

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