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CTRSV(l)				   BLAS routine 				 CTRSV(l)

       CTRSV  -  solve one of the systems of equations	 A*x = b, or A'*x = b, or conjg( A' )*x =




	   COMPLEX	A( LDA, * ), X( * )

       CTRSV  solves one of the systems of equations

       where b and x are n element vectors and A is an n by n unit, or non-unit, upper	or  lower
       triangular matrix.

       No  test  for singularity or near-singularity is included in this routine. Such tests must
       be performed before calling this routine.

       UPLO   - CHARACTER*1.
	      On entry, UPLO specifies whether the matrix is an upper or lower triangular  matrix
	      as follows:

	      UPLO = 'U' or 'u'   A is an upper triangular matrix.

	      UPLO = 'L' or 'l'   A is a lower triangular matrix.

	      Unchanged on exit.

       TRANS  - CHARACTER*1.
	      On entry, TRANS specifies the equations to be solved as follows:

	      TRANS = 'N' or 'n'   A*x = b.

	      TRANS = 'T' or 't'   A'*x = b.

	      TRANS = 'C' or 'c'   conjg( A' )*x = b.

	      Unchanged on exit.

       DIAG   - CHARACTER*1.
	      On entry, DIAG specifies whether or not A is unit triangular as follows:

	      DIAG = 'U' or 'u'   A is assumed to be unit triangular.

	      DIAG = 'N' or 'n'   A is not assumed to be unit triangular.

	      Unchanged on exit.

       N      - INTEGER.
	      On  entry,  N  specifies	the  order  of	the  matrix  A.  N must be at least zero.
	      Unchanged on exit.

       A      - COMPLEX 	 array of DIMENSION ( LDA, n ).
	      Before entry with  UPLO = 'U' or 'u', the leading n by n upper triangular  part  of
	      the  array A must contain the upper triangular matrix and the strictly lower trian-
	      gular part of A is not referenced.  Before entry with UPLO = 'L' or 'l', the  lead-
	      ing  n  by n lower triangular part of the array A must contain the lower triangular
	      matrix and the strictly upper triangular part of A is not  referenced.   Note  that
	      when   DIAG = 'U' or 'u', the diagonal elements of A are not referenced either, but
	      are assumed to be unity.	Unchanged on exit.

       LDA    - INTEGER.
	      On entry, LDA specifies the first dimension of A as declared in the  calling  (sub)
	      program. LDA must be at least max( 1, n ).  Unchanged on exit.

       X      - COMPLEX 	 array of dimension at least
	      (  1 + ( n - 1 )*abs( INCX ) ).  Before entry, the incremented array X must contain
	      the n element right-hand side vector b. On exit, X is overwritten with the solution
	      vector x.

       INCX   - INTEGER.
	      On  entry,  INCX	specifies  the	increment for the elements of X. INCX must not be
	      zero.  Unchanged on exit.

	      Level 2 Blas routine.

	      -- Written on 22-October-1986.  Jack Dongarra, Argonne  National	Lab.   Jeremy  Du
	      Croz,  Nag  Central  Office.  Sven Hammarling, Nag Central Office.  Richard Hanson,
	      Sandia National Labs.

BLAS routine				 16 October 1992				 CTRSV(l)
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