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IMAPD(8C)										IMAPD(8C)

       IMAPd - Internet Message Access Protocol server


       imapd  is  a server which supports the IMAP4rev1 remote mail access protocol as documented
       in RFC-2060.  imapd is invoked  by  the	internet  server  (see	inetd(8)),  normally  for
       requests  to  connect  to  the  IMAP port as indicated by the /etc/services file (see ser-
       vices(5)).  Normally, this is port 143.

       imapd can also be accessed via rsh(1C) by many Unix-based clients.  To do this, the  imapd
       binary  must have a link to /etc/rimapd since this is where this software expects it to be

       rsh(1C) ipopd(8C)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		 October 12, 1998				IMAPD(8C)
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