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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for upsdrvctl (redhat section 8)

UPSDRVCTL(8)			     Network UPS Tools (NUT)			     UPSDRVCTL(8)

       upsdrvctl - UPS driver controller

       upsdrvctl -h

       upsdrvctl [-t] [-v] (start | stop | shutdown | status) [ups]

       upsdrvctl  provides  a uniform interface for controlling your UPS drivers.  You should use
       upsdrvctl instead of direct calls to the drivers whenever possible.

       When used properly, upsdrvctl lets you maintain identical startup scripts across  multiple
       systems with different UPS configurations.

       -h     Display the help message.

       -t     Enable testing mode.  This also enables verbose mode.  Testing mode makes upsdrvctl
	      display the actions it would execute without actually doing them.  Use this to test
	      out  your  configuration without actually doing anything to your UPS drivers.  This
	      may be helpful when defining the 'sdorder' directive in your ups.conf(5).

       -v     Enable verbose messages.

       upsdrvctl supports four commands -  start,  stop,  shutdown  and  status.   They  take  an
       optional argument which is a UPS name from ups.conf(5).	Without that argument, they oper-
       ate on every UPS that is currently configured.

       start  Start the UPS driver(s).

       stop   Stop the UPS driver(s).

	      Command the UPS driver(s) to run their  shutdown	sequence.   Drivers  are  stopped
	      according to their sdorder value - see ups.conf(5).

	      WARNING:	this  will  probably  power off your computers, so don't play around with
	      this option.  Only use it when your systems are prepared to lose power.

       status Check the status of the UPS driver(s).

	      If every UPS that has been checked is running, then the exitcode will be 0.  If one
	      seems to be missing, the exitcode will be 1.

       The  status checking is rudimentary, and really only looks for the presence of .pid files.
       If you really want to know if your UPS drivers are  alive  and  well,  upsmon(8)'s  NOCOMM
       notifier does a fine job.

       nutupsdrv(8), upsd(8) ups.conf(5)

   Internet resources:
       The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page: http://www.exploits.org/nut/

       NUT mailing list archives and information: http://lists.exploits.org/

					 Wed Oct 16 2002			     UPSDRVCTL(8)

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