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SMBUMOUNT(8)									     SMBUMOUNT(8)

       smbumount - smbfs umount for normal users

       smbumount mount-point

       With  this  program,  normal  users  can unmount smb-filesystems, provided that it is suid
       root. smbumount has been written to give  normal  Linux	users  more  control  over  their
       resources.  It  is  safe  to install this program suid root, because only the user who has
       mounted a filesystem is allowed to unmount it again.  For root it is not necessary to  use
       smbumount. The normal umount program works perfectly well, but it would certainly be prob-
       lematic to make umount setuid root.

	      The directory to unmount.


       Volker Lendecke, Andrew Tridgell, Michael H. Warfield and others.

       The current maintainer of smbfs and the userspace tools smbmount, smbumount, and smbmnt is
       Urban	Widmark    <URL:mailto:urban@teststation.com>.	   The	  SAMBA    Mailing   list
       <URL:mailto:samba@samba.org> is the preferred place to ask questions regarding these  pro-

       The conversion of this manpage for Samba 2.2 was performed by Gerald Carter

					 19 November 2002			     SMBUMOUNT(8)
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