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SCSI_INFO(8)									     SCSI_INFO(8)

       scsi_info - SCSI device description tool

       scsi_info device

       Scsi_info  opens  the  specified  SCSI  device file, and retrieves its actual SCSI address
       parameters.  It also looks up the device in /proc/scsi/scsi  and  retrieves  the  device's
       vendor  information, if available.  Its output is a pair of Bourne-style shell commands to
       define the SCSI_ID and MODEL variables based on this information.   The	SCSI_ID  variable
       has  three comma-separated fields: the SCSI channel number, the device ID, and the logical
       unit number.  In most cases, the channel and logical unit will be 0.

       The reason for the existence of this utility lies in the  peculiar  method  for	assigning
       minor  device  numbers  to Linux SCSI devices.  Devices are numbered based on the order in
       which they are detected, irrespective of their device addresses.  This tool  automatically
       converts these arbitrary device assignments back to the user-configured addresses.

       David Hinds - dahinds@users.sourceforge.net

pcmcia-cs			       2000/06/12 21:24:49			     SCSI_INFO(8)
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