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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for ripngd (redhat section 8)

RIPNGD(8)					     Version 0.88					    RIPNGD(8)

ripngd - a RIP routing engine for use with Zebra and IPv6
ripngd [ -dhlrv ] [ -f config-file ] [ -i pid-file ] [ -P port-number ]
ripngd is a routing component that works with the zebra routing engine.
-d, --daemon Runs in daemon mode, forking and exiting from tty. -f, --config-file config-file Specifies the config file to use for startup. If not specified this option will likely default to /usr/local/etc/ripngd.conf. -h, --help A brief message. -i, --pid_file pid-file When ripngd starts its process idenifier is written to pid-file. The init system uses the recorded PID to stop or restart ripngd. The likely default is /var/run/ripngd.pid. -l, --log_mode Turn verbose logging on. -P, --vty_port port-number Specify the port that the ripngd VTY will listen on. This defaults to 2603, as specified in /etc/ser- vices. -r, --retain When the program terminates, retain routes added by ripd. -v, --version Print the version and exit.
router ripng router zebra -- (Move routes into kernel table) network [NETWORK] no network [NETWORK] network [IFNAME] no network [IFNAME] route [NETWORK] no route [NETWORK] flush_timer [FLUSH] distribute-list [ACCESS-LIST] [in|out] [IFNAME] show ip ripng show debugging ripng debug ripng debug ripng events debug ripng packet debug ripng zebra
/usr/local/sbin/ripngd The default location of the ripngd binary. /usr/local/etc/ripngd.conf The default location of the ripngd config file. $(PWD)/ripngd.log If the ripngd process is config'd to output logs to a file, then you will find this file in the direc- tory where you started ripngd.
This man page is intended as a quick reference for command line options, and for config file commands. The de- finitive document is the Info file zebra.
The ripngd process may log to standard output, to a VTY, to a log file, or through syslog to the system logs. ripngd supports many debugging options, see the Info file, or the source for details.
References to other related man pages: ripd(8), ospfd(8), ospf6d(8), bgpd(8), zebra(8), vtysh(1)
ripngd eats bugs for breakfast. If you have food for the maintainers try <bug-zebra@gnu.org>
[S] See <www.zebra.org>, or the Info file for an accurate list of authors. Zebra Beast - RIPNGD July 2000 RIPNGD(8)

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