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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pvmove (redhat section 8)

PVMOVE(8)			     System Manager's Manual				PVMOVE(8)

       pvmove - move physical extents

       pvmove	    [-A|--autobackup{y|n}]	 [-d|--debug]	    [-f|--force]      [-h|--help]
       [-i|--ignore_read_errors]  [-t|--test]  [-v[v]|--verbose  [--verbose]]	[{-n|--name}Logi-
       calVolume[:LogicalExtent[-LE]...]]   SourcePhysicalVolume[:PhysicalExtent[-PE]...] [Desti-

       pvmove allows you to move the allocated physical extents (PEs) on SourcePhysicalVolume  to
       one or more other physical volumes (PVs).  You can optionally select a subset of the allo-
       cated physical extents on SourcePhysicalVolume  by  giving  colon-separated  lists  and/or
       ranges  of  physical  extents,  or  by specifying the source LogicalVolume optionally with
       colon-separated lists and/or ranges of logical extents.	In this case only  these  extents
       are  moved to free (or specified) extents on DestinationPhysicalVolume(s).  If no Destina-
       tionPhysicalVolume is specifed, the normal allocation rules for the volume group are used.

       You can move physical extents in use but make sure you have an current backup in case of a
       system crash while moving!!!

       pvmove may be safely interrupted by SIGINT while moving "next free" allocated logical vol-
       umes.  Striped logical volume moves can't be interrupted by SIGINT because that may  cause
       stripe inconsistencies.

       -A, --autobackup {y|n}
	      Controls	automatic  backup  of  VG  metadata after the move (see vgcfgbackup (8)).
	      Default is yes.

       -d, --debug
	      Enables additional debugging output (if compiled with DEBUG).

       -f, --force
	      Forces physical extent move without confirmation.

       -h, --help
	      Print a usage message on standard output and exit successfully.

       -i, --ignore_read_errors
	      Ignore read errors while moving data. Usefull in case data is  moved  away  from	a
	      broken or unaccessable disk (area).

       -n, --name  LogicalVolume[:LogicalExtent[-LogicalExtent]...]
	      Move  only the extents belonging to LogicalVolume from SourcePhysicalVolume instead
	      of all allocated extents to the destination physical volume(s).  A  optional  colon
	      separated list or range of logical extents may be given to limit the extents moved.

       -t ,  --test
	      Do a test run without performing any real changes.

       -v ,  --verbose
	      Gives  verbose  runtime information about pvmove's activities.  If specified twice,
	      sector and device mapping information is also given.

       To move all logical extents of any logical volumes on /dev/hda4 to free	physical  extents
       elsewhere in the volume group, giving verbose runtime information, use:

	    pvmove -v /dev/hda4

       To  move  three logical extents (numbers 3, 5 and 11) of logical volume my_lv to free ones
       on /dev/hdb3 use:

	    pvmove -n my_lv:3:5:11 /dev/sdb6 /dev/hdb3

       To move four logical extents (numbers 1, 25, 26,  and  27)  of  logical	volume	my_lv  on
       /dev/sdb6 to four physical extents (numbers 46, 47, 48, and 49) on /dev/hdb3 use:

	    pvmove -n my_lv:1:25-27 /dev/sdb6 /dev/hdb3:46-49

       pvmove returns an exit code of 0 for success and > 0 for error:

       1  no source physical volume on command line
       2  invalid extent numbers on command line
       2  invalid source physical volume name
       4  error reading physical volume
       5  source physical volume is inconsistent
       6  volume group doesn't exist
       7  error reading VGDA
       8  volume group is inconsistent
       9  error getting index of physical volume
       10 no logical volumes on source physical volume
       12 invalid logical volume name
       13 error getting logical volume number in VGDA
       14 logical volume not on source physical volume
       15 malloc() error
       16 invalid physical volume name
       17 physical volume doesn't belong to this volume group
       18 more than one physical volume with destination physical extents given
       19 error getting index of logical volume from VGDA
       20 invalid logical extent given
       21 invalid physical extent given
       22 destination physical index in use
       23 error moving physical extent(s)

       95 driver/module not in kernel
       96 invalid I/O protocol version
       97 error locking logical volume manager
       98 invalid lvmtab (run vgscan(8))
       99 invalid command line

       If  pvmove  refuses  to move physical extents then check the logical volume attributes for
       conflicts.  A striped logical volume can't be moved if there isn't enough space on any one
       of the destination physical volumes which DON'T contain a stripe of that logical volume. A
       stripe can't be partially moved.  A contiguous logical volume  can't  be  moved	if  there
       aren't enough contiguous free physical extents on the destination physical volumes.

	      If  this variable is set to "no" then the automatic backup of VG metadata is turned

	      This variable determines the backup history  depth  of  kept  VGDA  copy	files  in
	      /etc/lvmconf.   It  can  be set to a positive number between 0 and 999.  The higher
	      this number is, the more changes you can restore using vgcfgrestore(8).

       lvm(8), lvchange(8), lvcreate(8), lvdisplay(8), pvdisplay(8)

       Heinz Mauelshagen <Linux-LVM@Sistina.com>

Heinz Mauelshagen			    LVM TOOLS					PVMOVE(8)

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