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PPP-WATCH(8)									     PPP-WATCH(8)

       ppp-watch - daemon to make PPP interfaces act more like other interfaces

       ppp-watch interface-name [boot]

       ppp-watch  manages  one	PPP  connection, including starting, stopping, and redialing.  It
       makes starting and stopping the connection synchronous activities.

       ppp-watch is not really meant to be called directly.  It should only be used  from  within
       the ifup-ppp script.

	      The name of the PPP interface to bring up.

       boot   ppp-watch is being called at boot time and should time out after a while if the PPP
	      connection does not come up in order not to hang the boot sequence.

RHS					  Red Hat, Inc. 			     PPP-WATCH(8)
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