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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for nwrevoke (redhat section 8)

NWREVOKE(8)				     nwrevoke				      NWREVOKE(8)

       nwrevoke - Revoke a Trustee Right from a directory

       nwrevoke  [  -h	]  [ -S server ] [ -U user name ] [ -P password | -n ] [ -C ] [ -o object
       name ] [ -t type ] [ -r rights ] file/directory

       nwrevoke revokes the specified bindery object with the corresponding trustee  rights  from
       the directory.

       nwrevoke looks up the file $HOME/.nwclient to find a file server, a user name and possibly
       a password. See nwclient(5) for more information. Please note that the access  permissions
       of $HOME/.nwclient MUST be 600 for security reasons.

	  -h is used to print out a short help text.

       -S server
	  server is the name of the server you want to use.

       -U user
	  user is the user name to use for login.

       -P password
	  password is the password to use for login. If neither -n nor -P are given, and the user
	  has no open connection to the server, nwrevoke prompts for a password.

	  -n should be given if no password is required for the login.

	  By default, passwords are converted to uppercase before they are sent  to  the  server,
	  because most servers require this. You can turn off this conversion by -C.

       -o object name
	  The name of the object to be added as trustee.

       -t object type
	  The type of the object. Object type must be specified as a decimal value. Common values
	  are 1 for user objects, 2 for group objects and 3 for print queues.  Other  values  are
	  allowed, but are usually used for specialized applications. If object type is not spec-
	  ified, object name is taken as NDS name.

	  You must specify the file/directory from which to remove the object as trustee. If  you
	  specified  -S, it must be fully qualified NetWare notation for DOS namespace. Otherwise
	  it must be file or directory mounted to your system using ncpfs.


	  nwrevoke -S NWSERVER -o linus -t 1 'src:bsd_src'

	  With this example, user linus is removed as trustee from the bsd_src directory  on  the
	  src volume on server NWSERVER.

	  nwrevoke -o linus -t 1 /home/vana/ncpfs/nwserver/src/bsd_src

	  With this example, user linus is removed as trustee from the bsd_src directory.

       nwrevoke  was  written  by Volker Lendecke with the corresponding NetWare utility in mind.
       See the Changes file of ncpfs for other contributors.

nwrevoke				     7/9/1996				      NWREVOKE(8)

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