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rpc.nfsd(8)									      rpc.nfsd(8)

       rpc.nfsd - NFS server process

       /usr/sbin/rpc.nfsd [-p port] nproc

       The rpc.nfsd program implements the user level part of the NFS service. The main function-
       ality is handled by the nfsd.o kernel module; the user space  program  merely  starts  the
       specified number of kernel threads.

       The rpc.mountd server provides an ancially service needed to satisfy mount requests by NFS

       -p port
	      specify a diferent port to listen on for NFS requests. By  default,  rpc.nfsd  will
	      listen on port 2049.

       nproc  specify  the  number of NFS server threads. By default, just one thread is started.
	      However, for optimum performance several threads should be used. The actual  figure
	      depends on the number of and the work load created by the NFS clients, but a useful
	      starting point is 8 threads. Effects of modifying that number can be checked  using
	      the nfsstat(8) program.

       rpc.mountd(8), exportfs(8), rpc.rquotad(8), nfsstat(8).

       Olaf Kirch, Bill Hawes, H. J. Lu, G. Allan Morris III, and a host of others.

					   31 May 1999				      rpc.nfsd(8)
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