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MKBOOTDISK(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     MKBOOTDISK(8)

mkbootdisk - creates a stand-alone boot floppy for the running system
mkbootdisk [--version] [--noprompt] [--verbose] [--device devicefile] [--size size] [--kernelargs <args>] [--iso] kernel
mkbootdisk creates a boot floppy appropriate for the running system. The boot disk is entirely self-contained, and includes an initial ramdisk image which loads any necessary SCSI modules for the system. The created boot disk looks for the root filesystem on the device sug- gested by /etc/fstab. The only required argument is the kernel version to put onto the boot floppy.
--device devicefile The boot image is created on devicefile. If --device is not specified, /dev/fd0 is used. If devicefile does not exist mkinitrd cre- ates a 1.44Mb floppy image using devicefile as the filename. --noprompt Normally, mkbootdisk instructs the user to insert a floppy and waits for confirmation before continuing. If --noprompt is specified, no prompt is displayed. --verbose Instructs mkbootdisk to talk about what it's doing as it's doing it. Normally, there is no output from mkbootdisk. --iso Instructs mkbootdisk to make a bootable ISO image as devicefile. --version Displays the version of mkbootdisk and exits. --kernelargs args Adds args to the arguments appended on the kernel command line. If this is not specified mkbootdisk uses grubby to parse the argu- ments for the default kernel from grub.conf, if possible. --size size Uses ize (in kilobytes) as the size of the image to use for the boot disk. If this is not specified, mkbootdisk will assume a stan- dard 1.44Mb floppy device.
grubby(8) mkinitrd(1)
Erik Troan <> 4th Berkeley Distribution Tue Mar 31 1998 MKBOOTDISK(8)