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LSPNP(8)										 LSPNP(8)

       lspnp - list Plug and Play BIOS device nodes and resources

       lspnp [-b] [-v[v]] [device ...]

       This  utility  presents	a  formatted  interpretation of the contents of the /proc/bus/pnp
       tree.  Its default output is a list of Plug and Play device node numbers, product  identi-
       fiers,  and  descriptions.   Verbose  output (-v) includes resource allocations (IO ports,
       memory, interrupts, and DMA channels) for each device.  Very verbose output (-vv) includes
       lists of possible resources, various configuration flags, and product identifiers for com-
       patible devices.

       The output can be limited to one or more specific device nodes by  specifying  their  two-
       digit hex node numbers on the command line.  By default, current (dynamic) device configu-
       ration information is displayed; with the -b option, the boot  (static)	configuration  is

       -b     Boot  mode:  read  device  resource  information that will be used at next boot (as
	      opposed to current resource info).

       -v     Selects more verbose output.  Can be used more than once.

       /usr/share/pnp.ids     A database of known Plug and Play device ID's.

       /proc/bus/pnp/...      The kernel interface for Plug and Play BIOS device services.

       David Hinds - dahinds@users.sourceforge.net


pcmcia-cs			       2000/06/12 21:24:49				 LSPNP(8)
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