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KPROP(8)										 KPROP(8)

       kprop - propagate a Kerberos V5 principal database to a slave server

       kprop [-r realm] [-f file] [-d] [-P port] [-s keytab] slave_host

       kprop  is  used	to  propagate  a  Kerberos V5 database dump file from the master Kerberos
       server to a slave Kerberos server, which is specfied  by  slave_host.   This  is  done  by
       transmitting  the dumped database file to the slave server over an encrypted, secure chan-
       nel.  The dump file must be created  by	kdb5_util,  and  is  normally  KPROP_DEFAULT_FILE

       -r realm
	      specifies  the  realm  of  the  master  server;  by  default  the realm returned by
	      krb5_default_local_realm(3) is used.

       -f file
	      specifies the filename where the dumped principal database file is to be found;  by
	      default	the  dumped  database  file  is  KPROP_DEFAULT_FILE  (normally	/var/ker-

       -P port
	      specifies the port to use to contact the kpropd server on the remote host.

       -d     prints debugging information.

       -s keytab
	      specifies the location of the keytab file.

       kpropd(8), kdb5_util(8), krb5kdc(8)

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