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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for ipx_cmd (redhat section 8)

IPX_CMD(8)									       IPX_CMD(8)

       ipx_cmd - bridge between Novell's SCMD driver and local IPX network

       ipx_cmd -A server name [ -l local interface name ]

       ipx_cmd	moves  packets from tapN to server and vice versa.  It is something like IPX Tun-
       nel, but it uses Novell Netware 5 server Compatibility Mode Driver (AKA	Migration  Agent)
       on the other end of wire. You must first configure your kernel tapN device with IPX Ether-
       netII frame and with network number set up on server (you can use kernel autodetection).

       -A server name
	      This is IP name of compatibility mode server. You can use DNS name or  dotted  quad
	      to specify server address.

       -l local interface name
	      This allows you to specify, which of your IP addresses should be used as IP address
	      of client side of CMD driver. You must configure your  tapN  device  with  hardware
	      address 7E:01:AA:BB:CC:DD, where AA:BB:CC:DD is your IP address in hexa.

       If  you	are  on server platan.vc.cvut.cz ( and your migration agent runs on
       server boris.vc.cvut.cz, you can configure your system with:

	  insmod ethertap
	  ifconfig tap0 hw ether 7E:01:93:20:F0:51 up
	  ipx_interface add -p tap0 EtherII
	  ipx_cmd -A boris.vc.cvut.cz -l &

       This program was written to satisfy my own needs and should be really improved.	At  least
       it should configure tap interface itself.

       Petr Vandrovec <vandrove@vc.cvut.cz>

ipx_cmd 				  IPX Utilities 			       IPX_CMD(8)

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