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IMONTTY(8)			   Linux System Administration			       IMONTTY(8)

       imontty - display status of all ISDN lines

       imontty [ phonebook ]

       imontty	displays  the  status of all ISDN lines. No options are supported. Read access to
       /dev/isdninfo is required.

       It is possible to supply the name of a phonebook file. The phonebook file has the  follow-
       ing format:

	  number<tab>name for number

       The number must be the first thing on the line (no leading spaces).  The name is separated
       from the number by a tab.  Lines beginning with # are ignored, as are empty lines.

       The output is similar to this:

       ISDN channel status:

       Channel		       Usage Type  Number
       line0		       Out   Net   0204229700
       line0		       Off

       Usage is one of Off(line), Out(going), In(coming) or Excl(usive).

       Type is one of raw (raw device), Modem (modem/tty emulation), Net  (IP  interface),  Voice
       (voice call) or Fax (fax transmission).

       Number  is either the called party's number (outgoing) or the calling party number (incom-

       Volker Gotz volker@oops.franken.de
       manpage adapted from the README by Paul Slootman <paul@isdn4linux.de>


isdn4k-utils-3.1pre4			    2000/03/13				       IMONTTY(8)
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