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IFUSER(8)										IFUSER(8)

       ifuser - identify destinations routed to a particular network interface

       ifuser [-v] interface [target ...]

       This  utility  checks  to  see  if any of the listed hosts or network addresses are routed
       through the specified interface.  Destinations may be specified either by IP address or by

       The  exit  code	will be 0 if any listed host or network is routed through this interface,
       and 1 if the interface is not in use (similar to fuser).

       -v     Verbose mode: if enabled, then the names	of  those  destinations  routed  to  this
	      interface (if any) will be reported on standard output.

       David Hinds - dahinds@users.sourceforge.net
       Regis "HPReg" Duchesne - regis@via.ecp.fr

pcmcia-cs			       2000/06/12 21:24:48				IFUSER(8)
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