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       controlchan - channel-fed control message handler


       Controlchan removes the responsibility for handling control messages (except cancels) from
       innd(8) and instead processes them from a channel or file  feed.   To  reduce  load,  con-
       trolchan  keeps	a  copy of control.ctl(5) in memory and checks permissions (including any
       required PGP headers) before any scripts are called.  Also, the default (``bad  message'')
       case is handled internally.  The ``drop'' case is handled with far less fuss.

       Normally,  controlchan  is  configured  in newsfeeds(5) and invoked from innd(8).  And you
       need to set <usecontrolchan in inn.conf> to ``true''.  Controlchan reports all log message
       through	syslog(3),  if	possible.   To	enable	syslog(3)'ging, you will need to have run
       ``h2ph'' on your system include files at some point (this is required to make  ``Sys::Sys-
       log'' work).  If you have not done so, do this:

	    cd /usr/include
	    h2ph * sys/*

       If you run FreeBSD, you will need to run the following in addition:

	    h2ph machine/*

       Written	by  Katsuhiro  Kondou  <kondou@nec.co.jp>  for	InterNetNews.	This  is revision, dated 2000/08/17.

       control.ctl(5), inn.conf(5).

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