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       ScrollKeeper - An open document cataloging and metadata management system.

       ScrollKeeper  is  a system for managing document metadata.  Its primary function is to act
       as a card catalog for documents, keeping track of what documents are available, where they
       can be found, and various attributes of the documents such as their language, format, sub-
       ject, version, and position in a contents list.	It also manages other  metadata  such  as
       document indices.

       ScrollKeeper acts as a middle layer between applications and help browsers.  When applica-
       tions install documentation, the  documentation	is  registered	with  ScrollKeeper.   Any
       ScrollKeeper-aware  help  browser on the system can then access this information.  In this
       way, ScrollKeeper is a compatibility layer which allows any help browser to  interface  to
       all the documentation on a system, provided the package which ships the documentation reg-
       isters it with ScrollKeeper.  It also removes much of the burden  from  application  pack-
       agers  and  help browser developers by providing a standard set of tools and by doing much
       of the work inside of ScrollKeeper.

       The ScrollKeeper web pages can be found	at  http://scrollkeeper.sourceforge.net  and  the
       mailing	list  can  be  found at http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/scrollkeeper-

       ScrollKeeper is licensed under the GNU Lesser Public  License  (LGPL).	A  copy  of  this
       license can be read in the file COPYING shipped with ScrollKeeper.

       The latest version of ScrollKeeper can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/scroll-


       Laszlo Kovacs   <laszlo.kovacs@sun.com>
       Dan Mueth       <d-mueth@uchicago.edu>

       scrollkeeper-config(1), scrollkeeper-gen-seriesid(1), scrollkeeper.conf(5),  scrollkeeper-
       preinstall(8), scrollkeeper-rebuilddb(8) scrollkeeper-update(8)

scrollkeeper				   Dec 5, 2001				  SCROLLKEEPER(7)
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