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LOAD(7) 				   SQL Commands 				  LOAD(7)

       LOAD - load or reload a shared library file

       LOAD 'filename'

       Loads  a  shared library file into the PostgreSQL backend's address space. If the file had
       been loaded previously, it is first unloaded. This command is primarily useful  to  unload
       and  reload a shared library file that has been changed since the backend first loaded it.
       To make use of the shared library, function(s) in it need to be declared using the  CREATE
       FUNCTION [create_function(7)] command.

       The  file name is specified in the same way as for shared library names in CREATE FUNCTION
       [create_function(7)]; in particular, one may rely on a search path and automatic  addition
       of  the	system's  standard shared library file name extension. See the Programmer's Guide
       for more detail.

       LOAD is a PostgreSQL extension.

       CREATE FUNCTION [create_function(7)], PostgreSQL Programmer's Guide

SQL - Language Statements		    2002-11-22					  LOAD(7)
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