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EXECUTE(7)				   SQL Commands 			       EXECUTE(7)

       EXECUTE - execute a prepared query

	  EXECUTE plan_name [ (parameter [, ...] ) ]

	      The name of the prepared query to execute.

	      The  actual value of a parameter to the prepared query.  This must be an expression
	      yielding a value of a type compatible with the data-type specified for this parame-
	      ter position in the PREPARE statement that created the prepared query.

       EXECUTE	is used to execute a previously prepared query. Since prepared queries only exist
       for the duration of a session, the prepared query must have  been  created  by  a  PREPARE
       statement executed earlier in the current session.

       If  the	PREPARE  statement that created the query specified some parameters, a compatible
       set of parameters must be passed to the EXECUTE statement, or else  an  error  is  raised.
       Note that (unlike functions) prepared queries are not overloaded based on the type or num-
       ber of their parameters: the name of a prepared query must be  unique  within  a  database

       For  more  information  on  the	creation and usage of prepared queries, see PREPARE [pre-

       SQL92 includes an EXECUTE statement, but it is only for use in embedded SQL  clients.  The
       EXECUTE statement implemented by PostgreSQL also uses a somewhat different syntax.

SQL - Language Statements		    2002-11-22				       EXECUTE(7)
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