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DROP USER(7)				   SQL Commands 			     DROP USER(7)

       DROP USER - remove a database user account

       DROP USER name

       DROP USER removes the specified user from the database.	It does not remove tables, views,
       or other objects owned by the user. If the user owns any database, an error is raised.

       name   The name of an existing user.

       DROP USER
	      The message returned if the user is successfully deleted.

       ERROR: DROP USER: user "name" does not exist
	      This message occurs if the user name is not found.

       DROP USER: user "name" owns database "name", cannot be removed
	      You must drop the database first or change its ownership.

       Use CREATE USER [create_user(7)] to add new  users,  and  ALTER	USER  [alter_user(7)]  to
       change a user's attributes.  PostgreSQL includes a program dropuser [dropuser(1)] that has
       the same functionality as this command (in fact, it calls this command)	but  can  be  run
       from the command shell.

       To drop a user account:

       DROP USER jonathan;

       The  DROP USER statement is a PostgreSQL extension. The SQL standard leaves the definition
       of users to the implementation.

       CREATE USER [create_user(7)], ALTER USER [alter_user(l)], dropuser(1)

SQL - Language Statements		    2002-11-22				     DROP USER(7)
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