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CREATE TABLE AS(7)			   SQL Commands 		       CREATE TABLE AS(7)

       CREATE TABLE AS - create a new table from the results of a query

       CREATE [ [ LOCAL ] { TEMPORARY | TEMP } ] TABLE table_name [ (column_name [, ...] ) ]
	   AS query

       CREATE  TABLE  AS creates a table and fills it with data computed by a SELECT command. The
       table columns have the names and data types associated with  the  output  columns  of  the
       SELECT  (except	that  you can override the column names by giving an explicit list of new
       column names).

       CREATE TABLE AS bears some resemblance to creating a view, but it is really quite  differ-
       ent:  it  creates a new table and evaluates the query just once to fill the new table ini-
       tially. The new table will not track subsequent changes to the source tables of the query.
       In contrast, a view re-evaluates its defining SELECT statement whenever it is queried.

	      If  specified,  the  table  is created as a temporary table.  Refer to CREATE TABLE
	      [create_table(7)] for details.

	      The name (optionally schema-qualified) of the table to be created.

	      The name of a column in the new table. Multiple column names can be specified using
	      a  comma-delimited list of column names. If column names are not provided, they are
	      taken from the output column names of the query.

       query  A query statement (that is, a SELECT command). Refer to SELECT  [select(7)]  for	a
	      description of the allowed syntax.

       Refer  to  CREATE TABLE [create_table(7)] and SELECT [select(7)] for a summary of possible
       output messages.

       This command is functionally equivalent to SELECT INTO [select_into(7)], but  it  is  pre-
       ferred  since it is less likely to be confused with other uses of the SELECT ... INTO syn-

       This command is modeled after an Oracle feature. There is no command with equivalent func-
       tionality  in SQL92 or SQL99. However, a combination of CREATE TABLE and INSERT ... SELECT
       can accomplish the same thing with little more effort.

       The CREATE TABLE AS command has been available since PostgreSQL 6.3.

       CREATE TABLE [create_table(7)], CREATE VIEW [create_view(l)], SELECT  [select(l)],  SELECT
       INTO [select_into(l)]

SQL - Language Statements		    2002-11-22			       CREATE TABLE AS(7)
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