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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for timidity.cfg (redhat section 5)

timidity.cfg(5) 		       File Formats Manual			  timidity.cfg(5)

       timidity.cfg - configure file of TiMidity++



       The  file timidity.cfg describes the runtime environments of timidity(1) that are the path
       of sound font, instruments configrations or else.
       TiMidity looks for the configuration file timidity.cfg at startup, before  processing  any
       options.   If  it  can't  be accessed, and the library path is changed with a -L option on
       the command line, then the default file will be	sought again  along   the   new   library
       path  after processing all options, unless another configuration file  was  specified with
       the -c option.

       Configuration files define the mapping of MIDI  programs  to  instrument  files.  Multiple
       files may  be  specified, and statements in later ones will override earlier ones.

       Following statements can be used in a configuration file:

       dir directory
	      Adds directory to the search path in the same manner as the -L command line option.

       Archive file are also allowed. For example:
       dir /usr/local/share/timidity/inst/foo.zip#
       1 baz.pat
       2 zoo.pat
       0 bar.pat

       At  first,  dir	specities  the archive name (followed by '#') for the path of patch files
       same as directory name (in this case , "/usr/local/share/timidity/inst/foo.zip").   TiMid-
       ity  recognize  the  path is an archive file if the expression has the last character '#',
       and also read the files contained in this archive file.	In previouns  example  the  patch
       files bar.pat, baz.pat and zoo.pat contained in the foo.zip are also installed.

       source file
	      Reads  another  configuration  file, then continues processing the current one.

       bank number
	      Selects  the  tone  bank to  modify.   Patch  mappings that follow will affect this
	      tone bank.

       progbase number
	      Sets and displays the tone number from number to number+128.  If	 progbase  1  are
	      specified,  tone numbers that follow are setted and displayed as the numbers from 1
	      to 128.

       drumset number
	      Selects  the  drum  set  to modify.  Patch mappings that follow  will  affect  this
	      drum set.

       number file [options]
	      Specifies  that  the  the  MIDI program number in the current tone bank or drum set
	      should be played using the patch file. options may be any of the following:

		     Amplifies the instrument's volume by amplification percent. If no	value  is
		     specified,  one  will be automatically determined whenever the instrument is

		     Specifies a fixed	MIDI  note  to	use  when playing  the	 instrument.   If
		     note  is  0,  the instrument will be played at  whatever  note the  Note  On
		     event  triggering it has. For percussion instruments, if no value is  speci-
		     fied in the configuration file, the default in the patch file will be used.

		     Sets  the	instrument's default panning. panning may be left, right, center,
		     or an nteger between -100	and  100,  designating full  left  and full right
		     respectively.   If  no value is specified, the  default  in  the patch  file
		     will be used.  Note that panning controls	in  MIDI  files   will	 override
		     this value.

		     By  default, percussion instruments have their loop and envelope information
		     stripped. Strangely shaped envelopes are removed automatically from  melodic
		     instruments as  well. keep can be used to prevent stripping envelope or loop
		     data.  For  example, the Short and Long Whistle percussion instruments (Gen-
		     eral  Midi numbers 71 and 72) need to have `keep=loop keep=env' specified in
		     the configuration file.

		     Force removal of loop or  envelope  information  from  all  patches  in  the
		     instrument,  or  strip  the tail, i.e. all data after the loop.  Some third-
		     party instruments have garbage after the loop, as evidenced by   a  clicking
		     noise  whenever  the  instrument  is played, so adding the strip=tail option
		     will markedly improve sound quality.

       The following statements are available only latest TiMidity.

       #extension altassign program1 program2 ...
	      Sets the alternate assign for drum set.  For example, if you want to pronounce  Hi-
	      Hat  cymbals  (note  number  42/44/46) in the drumset 0 exclusively to each others,

	      drumset 0
	      altassign 42 44 46

	      Note that alternate assign of drumset 0 is used by default.

       #extension comm program secound
	      Specifies the comment comment for the tone number program.  These comments are dis-
	      played in the indicater line at the case TiMidity is booted with option -int, -iTt.

       #extension timeout program secound
	      Specifies  the time-out value of the program. If any notes pronounced with the tone
	      number program are suspended more than second seconds, TiMidity kills the notes.

       #extension copydrumset drumset
	      Copies all settings of the drumset to the current drumset.

       #extension copybank bank
	      Copies all settings of the bank to the current bank.

       #extension HTTPproxy hostname:port
	      Specifies the proxy of the HTTP protocol.  hostname  and	port  are  of  the  proxy

       #extension FTPproxy hostname:port
	      Specifies the prox of the FTP protocol. Same as HTTP.

       #extension mailaddr your-mail-address
	      Specifies user's mail address. This address is sended to the FTP server if TiMidity
	      access any file via FTp.

       #extension opt [-]{option} [optarg]
	      Sets the value of boot-time options.

       #extension undef progno
	      Undefine the tone progno of current tone bank.

       These "#extension" statements are beginning with character '#' that is the comment flag of
       old TiMidity(version 0.2i or earlier).  So these statememts are treated as comment line.
       The latest TiMidity treats "#extension" as white-space. So you can omit it.

       If  any	file-name  expression  ended  with  character  '|' (Ascii 0x7c), the file-name is
       treated as command and outputs of the command are also examined	as  arguments  of  state-

       timidity(1), lsmidiprog(1), mididump(1), patinfo(1), sf2text(1), wav2pat(1)

       Copyright  (C)  1999  Masanao  Izumo  <mo@goice.co.jp>  Copyright (C) 1995 Tuukka Toivonen

       Original version was developed under the name of Tuukka	Toivonen  <tt@cgs.fi>  until  the
       version of TiMidity-0.2i. His development was discontinued because of his busy work.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation;  either  ver-
       sion 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

       This  program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
       without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR  PURPOSE.
       See the GNU General Public License for more details.

       You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program;
       if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite  330,  Boston,
       MA  02111-1307  USA

       The latest release is available on the TiMidity++ Page,
       URL http://www.goice.co.jp/member/mo/timidity/

1.0.0					   Nov 24 1998				  timidity.cfg(5)

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