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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for papd.conf (redhat section 5)

papd.conf(5)			       File Formats Manual			     papd.conf(5)

       papd.conf  - Configuration file used by papd(8) to determine the configuration of printers
       used by the Netatalk printing daemon

       /etc/atalk//papd.conf is the configuration file used by papd  to  configure  the  printing
       services   offered   by	 netatalk.   Please   note   that   papd   must   be  enabled  in
       /etc/atalk//netatalk.conf for this to take any effect. papd shares the  same  defaults  as
       lpd on many systems, but not Solaris.

       Any line not prefixed with # is interpreted. The configuration lines are composed like:


       The simplest case is to have either no papd.conf, or to have one that has no active lines.
       In this case, atalkd should auto-discover the local printers on the machine.  Please  note
       that you can split lines by using \.

       The  possible  options  are colon delimited (:), and lines must be terminated with colons.
       The possible options and flags are:

       am=(uams list)
	      The am option allows specific UAMs to be specified for a particular printer. It has
	      no  effect  if  the  au flag is not present or if papd authentication was not built
	      into netatalk.

       au     If present, this flag enables authentication for the printer. Please note that papd
	      authentication must be built into netatalk for this to take effect.

	      This specifies the operator name, for lpd spooling.

       pa=(appletalk address)
	      Allows specification of Appletalk addresses. Usually not needed.

       pd=(path to ppd file)
	      Specifies  a  particular	PPD  (printer  description  file)  to  associate with the
	      selected printer.

       pr=(lpd printer name)
	      Sets the lpd printer that this is spooled to.

       papd(8), atalkd.conf(5), lpd(8)

4th Berkeley Distribution		26 September 2000			     papd.conf(5)

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